A Contemporary Product can not neglect a great attention towards the Preservation of the Environment.ONIRS carries on a Super Eco-Friendly Design Philosophy that really strives to find effective solutions for a clean world.The ONIRS SOFT frames can be made up to 99% in Fabrics in the Natural state. Solvents or glues are not used and production takes place solely through Refined Manufacturing Techniques.


The ONIRS SOFT Frames are particularly suitable for Sunglasses and protective glasses in general.They can take on various aesthetic or functional characteristics and still be equipped with graduated lenses.They are designed to interpret the freshest Fashion Trends and designed, through the use of various types of internal inserts to be specific to certain activities and sports.


The ONIRS Moto – Scooter Glasses offer excellent protection against external agents and are really Very Comfortable.They adapt perfectly to the Face and are made using special water-repellent inserts equipped with special ventilation sockets.They are suitable in any weather condition, even fog by installing the appropriate lenses easily. Perfect to wear under a jet or demi-jet helmet, they are flexible and they adapt without weighing on the contact points.The Cover is composed of various types of thick Fabric that in case of rain has the function of retaining the water without letting it spread on the lenses, enamelling it outwards along the waterproof inserts thanks to the systematic action of the moving air. They have been extensively tested for tens of thousands of km, under all conditions: reliable and practical, the more they wear, the less they feel! This because they gradually conform and stabilize on the physiognomy of the owner.


Glasses characterized by an effect of curves and masses that makes an extremely Amazing Look. Stylistic variations that subtly but decisively diversify into thousand emotions to satisfy every original Taste. They can also be Easily Customized in many ways. A 100% Made in Italy accessory that reaches High Levels Quality in all aspects.These infinite expressive possibilities are loved by all those who recognize themselves as Unique, Original, and have an independent and creative personality. Designed for all seasons, comfortable, unbreakable, pocketable, they are washed by hand in warm water like a garment. They are ideal for protection against strong light and wind. All ONIRS SOFT have lateral spacers necessary to keep the lenses adequately distant from the eye and typically they play a protective function at various levels.


The ONIRS Team has a long experience in Design in many sectors and is able to interpret the Evolution of Fashion very carefully, creating season after season always new and distinctive, original or eccentric models.The ONIRS Glasses are born from a fine and scrupulous Stylistic and Technical elaboration, which studies the different characteristics and properties of the Fabrics and the infinite possibilities of Colors, Motifs, Prints and Applications.


Our Technical Staff makes use of a Solid Know-How and all the necessary tools that allow you to create new Versions and new Functionalities continuously and quickly. It has developed and perfected, over the years of Research and Testing, every smallest aspect of the project and work phase, reaching the characteristics necessary to fully meet the multiple needs. All this was accompanied by a careful Study and Selection of Materials and Components that has allowed to obtain really exciting objects for the properties, for the processing and for the Unique and Inimitable Quality.

Did you know that Fabrics like Satin Cotton and Silk have shown Hypoallergenic and Smoothing properties and are widely used in Cosmetics?

Try to think of Glasses that you can easily put in your pocket, unbreakable, with the smallest footprint and with which you can also lie down and fall asleep!

The possibilities for processing the ONIRS Glasses never end! It is possible to realize from the Single Piece and the Extra Luxury Product to the Glasses with the Colors and Symbols of a Team or a Club, as Models designed specifically to satisfy any Technical or Personal Need.


Thanks to the flexible and elastic lens holder band, it is possible to easily alternate different geometries or types of lenses. ONIRS uses only High Quality Certified Optical Lenses and has a vast catalog of shapes and types. It is also possible to mount mono and bi-focal corrective lenses and, with suitable predispositions, also multifocal lenses: it is possible to request them from us who will entrust the realization to our trusted supplier, or by contacting your local optician with a disassembled lens to copy the shape.


We make different variants of fixing closures according to needs.With the Dual R System it is possible to alternate different types of fixing to get a just perceptible trim or to have a firm fixing, in case of activities that make sudden movements.


Whether you are a long-distance motorcyclist or you use the scooter for short trips, you will certainly find the right formula for you. Find out more by exploring our product categories!


From the infinite variety of fabrics and graphic motifs are born as many models of Montature Onirs Eyewear System. We carefully select the Materials that we use based on the technical characteristics of excellence and the context of fashion.


To be well protected from the sun, from the cold, from the wind and from the humidity and to practice activities in which you sweat a lot, a careful modulation of the technical characteristics of the structure of each Frame and of the optical objectives is very important.


Only if requested by our customers we produce other kinds of glasses and different types of customizations: Classic glasses, the most widespread type or those with rigid folding temples, removable stainless steel masks with laser coating which act as an exoskeleton and provide the glasses with further technical and aesthetic qualities. Application of decorative elements of various kinds and much more.

Unique DesignThe Onirs Glasses are a very complex object composed of about 30 carefully shaped and assembled parts resulted from a fine interpretation of Materials and Techniques. To get them the best Equipment and Technologies available on the market are used and a High Level of Competence and Precision is required.

Comfort and Safety: In ONIRS glasses, the fabric in contact with the face is always 100% Cotton Satin or Silk, the most suitable materials for contact with the skin.The known properties of these materials include a Refreshing and Smoothing action and are also used in the cosmetic field in beauty treatments.

Quality and Resistance: Only Certified and Selected materials are used to guarantee long durability. We use special inserts formulated exclusively for Us, remaining firmly faithful to the principle of use of the Fabric, the philosophy of environmental sustainability and the requirement of total non-toxicity.