Why glasses frames in natural fabrics?

The face is a very delicate and sensitive part and the fabrics are surely the most suitable materials for contact with the skin. The ONIRS glasses adapt perfectly to any appearance, giving a feeling of lightness, softness and comfort without precedent. In particular, the cotton fabric is a fabric that is unmatched for its breathability, is hypoallergenic, fresh and comfortable, and also improves its quality over time and with washing.

What kind of components are used in the ONIRS frames?

All the components that ONIRS uses in its frames are carefully selected and of High Quality. ONIRS uses only certified materials and guaranteed to have a long life and resistance over time.

How to clean / wash ONIRS glasses? 

The ONIRS glasses should be treated like any washable garment. For quick cleaning, simply wipe the frame with a slightly damp cloth. For washing, immerse in slightly soapy warm water, without removing the lenses. At the end of the wash, manipulate the frame so as to give the correct shape and then let the glasses dry with the lenses installed. After drying, remove and clean the lenses to remove the halos.

Are the ONIRS glasses waterproof?

The ONIRS glasses have no problem if they get wet, for example in the rain. Are they waterproof? It depends: the fabrics have different characteristics that are chosen according to their use. ONIRS is very careful in the selection of fabrics and materials, in order to obtain the best characteristics for any generic or specific use.

Are ONIRS glasses totally hypoallergenic?

Yes, in all ONIRS glasses, the material in contact with the skin is the Cotton Satin, completely hypoallergenic and very comfortable, one of the most suitable materials for contact with the skin.

What kind of functional / ergonomic advantages make ONIRS glasses?

The ONIRS glasses offer high technical / functional advantages in terms of: Lightness, Softness, Unbreakability, Space Reduction, Thermal Insulation,  Protection from minor Shocks, Transpiration, Absence of Disposals, Maximum Suitability for children and they are Hypoallergenic and Eco Friendly. Another advantage of ONIRS glasses, this time related to the look, is the possibility of alternating different lens designs, thanks to the lens – holder band that adapts to any compatible shape.

Don’t  the ONIRS Soft-Eye glasses with side protection mist up easily?

No, they do not fog up easily  because the predominant fabric of the cover is generally a 100% cotton canvas: a material that guarantees a very effective transpiration over the entire surface of the frame. When the frames are made of waterproof fabrics, for example designed for use on a sailboat or other, adequate cracks are provided to always guarantee maximum breathability.

Do the ONIRS Soft-Eye glasses keep you warm in the summer?

No, the ONIRS glasses have excellent thermal properties both in relation to the cold and the hot: the textile fibers used in the articles offered in the summer always keep the skin of the face fresh and protected from the sun’s rays. In absolute the fabrics have the best perspiration, absorption and thermal properties that can be found.

Is it easy to replace or disassemble and clean the lenses?

Yes, it is very easy to replace the lenses because the ONIRS eyewear system is characterized by an elastic and flexible lens holder that has a slot to accommodate the lens in an easy and stable position. It is therefore very easy to clean also the edges of the lens ensuring perfect hygiene, greater than all other types of glasses

Why is a single average adult size proposed by default?

The average adult size is suitable for most people, given its wide range, which in particular in Soft glasses is determined by the type of fixing. However, you can get  any size by contacting our company directly.

How can I be sure that the ONIRS glasses fit my face and that they are certainly good for me?

The ONIRS glasses are flexible and designed to adapt to any type of face. By wearing and adapting them you can easily find the ideal set-up for you.

Are the ONIRS glasses delicate?

No, in addition to being completely unbreakable, the ONIRS Glasses are produced only with certified materials and guaranteed to have a long life and resistance over time.

What effective duration can a Soft-Eye Moto / Sport frame by ONIRS have?

Motorcycle goggles are particularly prone to stress caused by external agents such as wind, dust, smog or weather. ONIRS has tested its glasses for a long time with the kind and careful collaboration of the Chapter Genova H.D. Our glasses have been tested in every type of situation and climatic condition for tens of thousands of km, without showing any sign of wear or loss of performance.

Why do ONIRS glasses have a certain price?

Unlike traditional glasses made of plastic resin or injected plastic, that is industrial type processing, the ONIRS glasses are made with High Manufacturing techniques and with a precision that must be very accurate. The processing is therefore mostly manual and only possible through high skills and experience. The fabrics and materials used also have a much greater cost impact than the plastic commonly used for common glasses and the number and type of components is much greater than for ordinary glasses.

What are the most innovative features of ONIRS glasses?

Our most innovative quality comes from the idea of offering glasses that you wear, that dresses in the true sense of the word. Textile fibers have always been the peculiar element of clothing.

Are ONIRS glasses ecological?

Yes, like no other eyewear in the world, because they are produced with highly ecological and recyclable materials, such as cotton and other fibers, and also thanks to the absence of metal components, chemicals or glues.